Tools for the Professional Car Repair Shop


What are some of the differences between a novice and a professional automotive repair specialist? While knowledge and experience are obviously necessary, choosing the most appropriate tools is just as critical. It therefore stands to reason that we should have a quick look at a handful of the most relevant equipment to have close by.

Socket Sets

A respectable socket set is the first must-have item in any repair shop. The reason for this is that sockets are rather ubiquitous in their nature. They can be used for multiple purposes and as opposed to loosening bolts by hand, a socket wrench can take on this work quickly and efficiently. Both electrical and manually operated units can be chosen.

Car Movers

A vehicle mover can be helpful for a number of reasons. A standard jack may not be able to support larger vehicles. A professional repair shop will need to make absolutely certain that the car in question is handled as safely as possible. It is for this reason that many prefer to use professional-grade car movers such as those offered by Stringo.

Electrical Testers

Most vehicles are extremely modern. We know this by the rather bland “check engine” light that often activates if there is trouble. Many professionals will now employ the use of electrical testing equipment. This could be as standard as a common multi-tester (such as is used around the household) or a computer system that is specifically designed to detect faults within an engine and provide a diagnosis. Some of these units can be extremely expensive, so comparing and contrasting the top brands is a good idea.

Airless Paint Sprayers

It is likely that you will become involved with a certain amount of body work at some time in the future. Airless paint sprayers are therefore fundamentally important. These will provide an even coat to any car; helping to restore it to a factory finish. Such sprayers are relatively cheap to purchase but once again, make certain that only respectable models are chosen.
Such tools will see almost daily use around any repair shop. Knowing which ones are the most essential will help to start your business off in the right direction.