The Best Storage Solutions for your Garage


Choosing the best garage storage solutions really depends on what you need to store. Here is a list of the top three available; so from tools to bikes, your better half can finally get from one end of the garage to the other without using her whole reserve of obscenities!

Bike storage

These oddly shaped two wheelers are great when taking in the fresh air, but are awkward and space consuming when trying to store them. A simple ceiling or wall mounted rack will save space and energy, leaving room for more junk … Hurrah! Just check out the link below for an extensive list of bike racks.

Cabinets and garage systems

All of those bottles and tins of potions and paints are not only a pain in the bottom and unsightly, but they can contain hazardous cocktails; the packaging can often be unstable and therefore easily knocked over. A simple cabinet or specialist garage system can keep these products organised and safely away from little hands. Just follow the link below for a comprehensive list of solutions.

Shelving and over head storage

Putting up shelving of any kind to store your wares not only means that you can keep dangerous things away from the children, but it also frees up floor space, meaning you can fit in an extra work bench, or even another car … just check with your wife first. When it comes to garage shelving there is a huge array of options and sizes to suit all. Below is a link to many of the options available; remember to keep measurement in mind when choosing shelving or you could be sorely disappointed when it arrives in an A4 envelope.

So, follow the links for more inspiration on how to tidy up your garage, making day to day life simpler and less cluttered. You don’t have to thank us for saving you hassle, it’s what we do!