Must-have tools in the home garage


The garage is a useful space that should give pride of place to essential tools, not just bikes, out-grown garden toys and left-over decorating materials. Here are the must-have tools that are needed in any garage:

Power Tools

Invest in the best quality power tools you can afford. Power drills and saws have multiple uses and are the main-stay of an garage inhabited by a DIY-er.

Air Compressor

Not just used to rapidly inflate tires, an air compressor can also be used to blow-clean dirty tools and equipment.

Fire Extinguisher and First Aid Kit

In an enclosed space with plenty of highly flammable chemicals in close proximity, a fire extinguisher is obviously an absolutely essential item. Also, research has found that the garage is one of the most likely places in the home for accidents to occur, so make sure your home first-aid kit is stocked-up with bandages, disinfectants, plasters and so on.

Torque Wrench

Many fastenings require careful tightening, rather than simple brute force. torque wrench allows you to control the circular force. Having one on display in your garage is also a sign that you know what you are doing when it comes to mechanical work.

Bench Vise

Used to hold things firmly in place, bench vise will be used time and time again, and will be as useful as a third hand.

Jack Stands or Lifts

If you use your garage to perform repairs on cars, then a jack stand is crucial to enable easy access to the underneath of the vehicle. Lifts are the high-end luxury choice.