How to use your garage as your new man cave


We’ve all heard the term now- “man cave”. You’ve probably heard it knocked around on TV and in the movies. You’ve probably thought “I wish I had the space for a man cave” or “I wish I had the money for a man cave”. Well, worry ye not! You know that garage that you can never be bothered to park in? The one used as a dumping ground for old shovels and bits of tarpaulin? Look no further. A quick dust and a lick of paint, you have the perfect breeding ground for your new man cave.

Grab a small fridge- every man cave needs somewhere to cool down your beers- and install a TV on the wall. Perhaps invest in a PS4 or whatever games console takes your fancy. The great thing about a garage being a man cave is that when your buds come over to watch the game or hang out with a beer- they have their own private entrance! A garage is even big enough for a pool table if that takes your fancy. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab some beers, but them in the fridge and get to work converting your dusty old garage into your brand spanking new man cave! You’ll be the envy of all your friends…