Basic Car Repairs You Can Do Yourself


One of the easiest yet most essential jobs on an underperforming engine is to change the air filter. Once the bonnet is lifted, it’s pretty easy to see. It’s the big round thing held on by clasps. Undo them, take out the paper thing (that’s the filter) and then put the new filter in and replace the cover.

How about having a go at changing a blown bulb? They don’t go often, but when they do, don’t panic. Lights in older cars are very easy to change, but can be a bit more of a challenge on a modern motor. However, half an hour with a socket set should be enough to remove any panels to get to the bulb. Think of it as a challenge, like Jenga, and it can even be fun.

Replacing a fuse is easy too. The hardest bit is finding the fuse box. Your manual will tell you where it’s hiding, but it’s usually under the bonnet or under the steering wheel. Find the one you need to fix, pull it out, and pop another one in.

Windscreen wipers are another easy fix. They’re pretty self explanatory once you have a look. Usually a clip or a hook is all that’s responsible for holding them on.

More of a challenge to the uninitiated is to change a spark plug. The best tip is to replace them one at a time, so you know which one you’ve done. They’re easy to mix up! With modern spark plugs, you don’t even have to check the gap, as it’s all done during manufacturing. Again, a socket set is essential.

There. See? Easy.