Why choosing the right garage door is important


Garage doors are available in a wide range of styles, materials and designs but, as a key component of your home’s exterior, it can have a significant impact on the ‘kerbside appeal’ of your property. The style you choose will depend greatly on the design of your home and that of the immediate neighbourhood, as well as how you plan to utilise your garage in the long term.

What material should I choose?

Steel and wood are the materials used most commonly in garage door manufacturing. Wooden doors – which tend to be more expensive – are available in a wide variety of styles, from simple raised-panel designs to elegant designs more befitting of grand Victorian townhouses. The style most suited to your home will depend largely on your property’s existing appearance as you probably wouldn’t want to choose an elaborate wooden garage door for your brand new modern semi-detached house!Steel garage doors are the first choice for many homeowners and are available in different colours (but can also be painted). They are also supplied in different thicknesses – expressed in terms of ‘layers’ – with single-layer doors the cheapest but offering less soundproofing and insulation than the triple-layer product.

Choosing the best garage door for your needs

Which door you select depends partly on how you intend to utilise the garage space. If your garage is an extension of living space – a playroom or workshop, for example – you should consider the need to keep the garage warm. While insulating walls and ceilings is important, you should not ignore the cold that can creep in through the garage door, so a door that offers a higher R-value (its insulation quality) will help to retain heat more effectively.You should also consider fitting weather seals to the door and a bottom seal to prevent draughts from seeping in under the door.

If you simply plan to use your garage space for storage, then a cheaper product may be preferable, in which case your only concern may be to select a door that complements the design of your home.